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Tzadik : Zorn's very own label.    

Avant : experimental label, linked to Zorn but i dont know in which way.

DIW : the label that released the Masada (quartet) studio albums

Hathut Records : Swedish Label, released Zorn's News For Lulu, More News For Lulu,

Knitting Factory Works : The label component of the downtown club/label/bar/amusement park that dominates the NYC music scene.



John Zorn Discography Version 13 (March 2000)

Omnology great fan page by Scott Maykrantz, with chronology too.

Ultimate Band List Page on Zorn

Reviews from ZornFest: September 1993

Ugly Beauty: John Zorn and the Politics of Postmodern Music by Kevin McNeilly, University of British Columbia

Interview with Norman Yamada, producer of "John Zorn's Cobra: Live at the Knitting Factory, 1992"

Knitting Factory Page on Zorn


Jamie Graves' Zorn Pages

Eric Marko's Zorn Pages

Jeff Schuth's Zorn Pages

Paolo Gianolio's Zorn Pages

John Zorn info from DownBeat Magazine

John Zorn info from Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock       

. the unofficial john zorn homepage

e.j.n - john zorn

john zorn & masada / live

john zorn, john medeski, mark ribot, and bobby...

the big gundown: john zorn plays the music of ennio...

john zorn live at the tagv

house of zorn

oregon live: entertainment: john zorn

john zorn: masada eight

john zorn: john zorn's cobra

john zorn, mike patton, and cobra

john zorn's masada, knitting factory, nyc -...

john zorn

john zorn interview

john zorn and mike patton, the knitting...

the unofficial john zorn homepage

Zorn's Discography : Zorn's online discography

The European Jazz Network Bio on Zorn

John Zorn At The Knitting Factory 1993 : Notes from Zorn's 40th birthday at the Knitting Factory shows, some great anecdotes.

Fan Pages Eric Marko's John Zorn Page : An excellent fan page with liner notes, CD covers and more.

A Fan Page

Not for the Sane : A fan page with some sound clips, commentary and links.

*Vivisection : A fan page with CD covers, commentary, and sound clips of Painkiller and Naked City.



en cours : Joey Baron, Tim Berne, Jim Black, Dave Douglas, Ellery Eskelin, Erik Friedlander, Bill Frisell, Fred Frith, Wayne Horwitz, John Medeski, Bobby Previte, Marc Ribot, Elliot Sharp, Chris Speed

ZORN-LIST http://www.browbeat.com/zornlist.html

This is THE music list.    It's actually the only one i could stand for more than 1 month, very respectful, eclectic & erudite people.  

In short : The John Zorn Mailing List, by Mike Rizzi

ABOUT THE ZORN LIST The Zorn list was created so that fans of John Zorn and his MANY projects could come together and chat about the man and his music...Naked City, Masada, Painkiller, etc..... Also discussed on this list, are: Bill Laswell, Bill Frisell, Elliott Sharp, Bobby Previte, Wayne Horvitz, Zeena Parkins, Knitting Factory roster artists, Joey Baron, Last Exit posse, and any other downtown NYC connected musicians.

FAQ: There is a list of frequently asked questions on the zorn-list available on the web at http://browbeat.com/zornlist/faq.html

HOW TO SUBSCRIBE To subscribe to the Zorn mailing list send an email message (the Subject line is ignored) to majordomo@xmission.com with a message text of either subscribe zorn-list or subscribe zorn-list-digest You will receive a confirmation request message that you must reply to, following the instructions in that message. When the list server has received your confirmation reply, you will be sent a list subscription confirmation and a welcome message containing further helpful information. If you need assistance, contact the mailing list administrator zorn-list-owner@xmission.com



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